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Photographing Puffins on May Island

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

I’d heard a lot about how close you can get to puffins on May Island in Scotland, but as someone who doesn't like water or boats much, this was going to take courage, but it was the thought of seeing a sweet little bird that got me on that boat that day.

So, with camera in hand and my sea sickness pill taken, I was off on a 5-mile boat ride to get to the Island. To be fair it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. After arriving on the Island, we were greeted by the Islands local RSPB rep. She chatted a bit about the Birds, the Island and how the weather changes quickly, she said we had 20,000 breeding pairs of Puffins this year which was a very successful year, which made the butterflies in my stomach jump for joy, but sadly she said they have all left the Island bar 1. 1 puffin amongst thousands and thousand of Gulls, I had my work cut out.

I was determined to find him or her, after all I just crossed the sea on a bobbing wee boat to get a photo. 8 hours I walked back and forth up hills and down that wee Island, and nothing not even a tail feather. It was time to go the wee bobbing boat that had docked up in the small harbour of the Island, and I had to leave. That was it for this year, season had ended and weather was drawing in. Oh well I said always next year.

Well next year came , booked my seat on the boat and Iwas off again, this year will me my year to photograph one of my favourite wee birds.

Thanks May Island – I will return, when I get my sea legs back.

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